The partner

Prolific Interactive is a mobile strategy, design, and development agency based in Brooklyn, San Francisco, and Durham, NC. They’re known for creating killer products for Fortune 500 companies and viral startups.

Our partnership with Prolific started with helping their team rebuild their sales process and implement a custom build of Salesforce.

Clarifying the sales process

Prolific’s growing, country-wide team manages sales conversations, contract extensions, and partner relationships from multiple angles. When they set the ambitious goal of growing 25% in 2018, they realized their current sales process and management strategy wasn’t going to get them there.


Collecting data thoughtfully

In our initial discovery calls with the Prolific sales team, we identified that they weren’t collecting the data that would be crucial to their success. We used time in our two-day workshop to sync the sales and leadership teams, and clearly articulate what data would be collected and how, so the teams could integrate the right data collection into their sales process and close more deals.



Empowering users, quickly

Day one of the workshop clarified details and processes, and that night our team took those discoveries and decisions and formulated an implementation plan. The next day, the Prolific team reviewed and confirmed everything. Then we brought the entire sales team into a final live training session, where we ensured everyone had access to the tools and understood the intention of the process, the meaning of fields, and how everything tied together.


Building a world class sales organization

Prolific’s excellent work consistently satisfies and delights their clients. Now, with a defined sales process and personalized tool, their sales team is equipped to meet their goals and expand Prolific’s base of happy customers.