Salesforce Strategy + Training

Supercharge your sales process with a powerful Salesforce strategy and implementation plan built just for you.



A fresh Salesforce plan customized to your business



A sales process your key stakeholders can all agree on



Incorporate tools you’re already using



Get the data you need to stay ahead of the curve

We'll transform your sales process.

Here's what that looks like:

First, we'll get to know each other:

  1. We start with a two-hour call to outline your goals

  2. We'll go over your high-level marketing and sales strategy, and identify any important tools that need to be integrated

  3. Then we conduct multiple (3-5) stakeholder interviews so we can understand your current sales process

Then, the good stuff. A two-day workshop where we:

  1. Address the details of your needs

  2. Work with your management team to ensure important data points are collected (key performance indicators)

  3. Connect with important tools your organization already uses

  4. Create a powerful dashboard to track success

After that, there's a post-implementation strategy session:

  1. This is another two-hour call to answer any new questions and resolve any bugs

  2. We'll give further advice about how your team can maximize your tools

And 30 days of access to our team after the training:

  1. Weekly coaching calls for questions and recommendations

  2. Best practice advice for marketing qualified leads, lead generators, sales qualified leads and reporting


Power your business with a customized Salesforce strategy and a team that knows exactly how to use it.


Who We've Helped:


"BH Williams Consulting helped us design and architect a system that our team adopted quickly and on time. All in a calm, organized, predictable manner."

Justin MacDonald, VP of Sales, Marketing, Admissions - African Leadership University

"BH Williams Consulting was able to understand and address our challenges from the very beginning. They took an approach that made our experience very personal and specific to Prolific. They have continued to show a level of professionalism and service that exceeds our expectations."

Dan Healy, CMO - Prolific Interactive


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Who should I include in the training?

We recommend the key decision makers in your sales organization (a VP of Sales, CMO, CRO, CEO, COO) and at least one salesperson.


How many people should be there?

We find that bringing too many people into the process slows things down and causes distractions. We allow a maximum of 5 people to be in the room, but we’ll equip you to train a team of any size.


Where does the training take place?

The pre-work and post-implementation strategy sessions will take place over Google Meet or Zoom. For the two-day, in-person training we’ll meet in your offices, and require a meeting room with space for 8 people for two full days.  


Do you do custom triggers or integrations?

We set up basic integrations for tools like DocuSign or HubSpot, but don't create custom APIs, APEX code, or triggers. If you want custom work, let's talk about our ongoing maintenance package.