Find Freedom Through Process

Revolutionize your efficiency with agile project management: a powerful productivity strategy used by some of the fastest growing teams in the world.



A fresh project management plan customized to your team



A repeatable process you can use on every campaign or initiative



Incorporate the project management tools you’re already using



Get the data you need to stay ahead of the curve

We help you transform your project philosophy.

Here's what that looks like:

First, we get to know each other:

  1. We start with a two-hour call to outline your goals

  2. We'll talk about your strategy for the upcoming quarter and year, and identify which tool (Jira, Trello, Asana) will maximize your team's effectiveness

  3. We'll conduct interviews with your team to help us understand your current project philosophy

Then, the good stuff. We'll start working with your team to:

  1. Teach everyone the agile philosophy

  2. Ensure important projects and goals are included in your strategy

  3. Outline current initiatives with each team member individually

  4. Connect the tools your organization already uses with your project software

  5. Create a powerful dashboard to track success

After that, we begin implementing our recommended cadence:

  1. Daily stand-ups [team + Scrum Master]

  2. Weekly backlog grooming [team leader + Scrum Master]

  3. Weekly sprint planning  [team + Scrum Master]

  4. Weekly retros [team + Scrum Master]

  5. Weekly demos [team + company + Scrum Master]

Then we check in 30 days later to see how you're doing and make any necessary adjustments.


Clarify your goals and build a reliable process to get there.


Who We've Helped:


“Startups need to operate lean. As our founder, I am constantly trying to project what our company can and can’t live without. As dreamers and developers, we needed a moderating force for our team, and hiring BH Williams Consulting early on was easily one of the best decisions I’ve made for this company. They were the most surprising addition to our team, never knowing how incredibly valuable they’d be to us. They bring ‘invaluable intangibles’ that are hard to understand until you’ve worked with them - consistency, focus, guidance, management, they’re even my guess and check system! We don’t know how we’d function without them.” 

Devin Elliot, Founder, Unoceros


"Bekah and Brian are invaluable to our team. They help us self-organize and guide us to make changes quickly, following agile principles. They take a very process-driven approach while continually adding value outside of their typical scrum master duties in brainstorms, problem solving, and growth.” 

Mel Brue, CMO,


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Who should be in on this?

We recommend that the key decision makers in your company (your co-founder, Head of Growth, CMO, COO), the team lead, and a team member participate.


How many people should be on a team?

We find that bringing too many people into the process slows things down and causes distractions. We recommend a maximum of 8 people be on an agile team. If you have a team larger than 8, we can help you implement an effective strategy with multiple teams.


Where will the Scrum Master sit?

All of our strategy sessions and cadence management take place over Google Meet or Zoom. If you need a Scrum Master embedded in-person within your team, that's available for an additional cost. Let's talk.


What project management tool do you recommend?

We're optimized to use Jira, but have also run teams with Trello and Asana, both of which are powerful tools we also recommend.